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Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, solutions for tackling current challenges in the construction industry3 min. de citit

The construction industry continues to face significant challenges in 2023. Among these are supply chain blockages, inflation, and labor shortages, according to an article signed by Autodesk, which gathered the opinions of several internationally recognized specialists in the field.

This year, digitization and workflow automation are at the forefront of major trends, according to Autodesk’s specialists, a global leader in design and manufacturing technology, with expertise in areas such as architecture, engineering, and construction.

Alignment of construction companies with current trends is a viable solution to overcome these challenges successfully. Autodesk specialists pointed out that “construction firms will emphasize innovation to develop more cost-efficient projects,” and to counter labor shortage issues, “entrepreneurs will focus on automating processes and increasingly using robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to boost the workforce’s capacity.” Also, Autodesk representatives emphasized the need to “reduce resource consumption and CO2 emissions, with the help of technology, to have the least impact on the environment.”

In the piece created by Autodesk, Danielle O’Connell, Sr. Director Emerging Technology at Skanska USA, explained that “construction technologies will continue to emphasize interconnectivity this year to increase productivity, quality, and safety.”

Moreover, Muhammad Khalil Bin Shaiful Bahari, Deputy Director at Boustead Projects Limited, pointed out that in the coming years, “the digital model will become more accessible, to be used in augmented reality and mixed reality applications. The use of digital platforms will become more critical, and UI/UX will be essential for their adoption.”

Innovative solutions adopted by Ubitech and Leviatan in construction projects, in step with current trends

Ubitech and Leviatan felt the challenges in the construction sector, predicted globally earlier this year, but the specialists of the two companies overcame the difficulties encountered through constant investments in digitizing design and execution processes.

In this context, we recall that digitization remains a priority for Leviatan and Ubitech. The adoption and implementation of Autodesk solutions within the two design and execution companies were carried out through Graitec, Platinum Partner Autodesk, and international software solutions developer for design. Ubitech and Leviatan hold over 60 Autodesk AEC Collection licenses and 35 Autodesk Construction Cloud licenses for software such as AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks Manage, Infraworks, and many others.

“Technological investments have allowed us to cover a wide variety of operational needs, improve collaborative work between specialties using the common data environment (CDE) from the BIM360 platform, reduce frictions, increase the level of detail of 3D models, and therefore, be able to work in parallel on multiple projects with the same team of engineers, designers, and architects,” said Cătălin Podaru, CEO of Leviatan Design and Ubitech Construcții.

Within the two companies, digitization is based on standardizing processes, making it easier for employees to learn them. Therefore, the continuous learning process, based on previous experiences and best practices, led to the development of organizational memory at Ubitech and Leviatan.

Ubitech and Leviatan understand the constant need to invest in education, and thus, they constantly collaborate with relevant universities in Romania and support countless initiatives in academia, thus contributing to the formation of tomorrow’s engineers.

The specialists of the two companies approach all projects they carry out with professionalism and responsibility and integrate innovative solutions within them, emphasizing sustainability. Therefore, Ubitech and Leviatan contribute to the development of a better and safer sustainable society.