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About us

Ubitech is 100% Romanian and provides full services in the field of constructions, from design to the turn-key delivery of the building project.



About us

Ubitech is 100% Romanian and provides full services in the field of constructions, from design to the turn-key delivery of the building project.
Ubitech Construcții is one of Romania’s most highly technologised general contractors that has so far managed to implement the BIM methodology throughout all of its working processes, in the most important projects implemented nationally.

Created in 2015, Ubitech Construcții provides full services in the field of constructions, such as general contracts, design and execution, project management and implementation, and is specialised in highly complex design & build projects.

In terms of management, we are concerned about the implementation and promotion of new technologies in the field of constructions, on the Romanian market, throughout all phases of the project, and to build sustainable structures enabling users to use intuitively and easily the Facility Management and Smart Buildings solutions. Civil engineering projects, industrial buildings, commercial buildings, storage facilities, agricultural structures, residential buildings, you name it…, we can handle everything you need.

The underlying principles of a successful business are quality, honesty and hard work.

Ubitech is capable of providing clients with proper accessibility, support, performance and safety.

So far, Ubitech Construcții has successfully evolved based on their commitment to learn permanently and to transpose in reality their newly acquired competences and skills, in order to bring innovation into the projects they handle. Our clients became ever more confident in our services, so we felt motivated to expand our range of services, to train our team of professionals and improve their skills so that we can approach more diverse market segments.

What about our name?

We took our inspiration for the name of Ubitech from the Latin ubique which means ubiquitous and represents the feature of being present everywhere enhanced by the integration of the newest ”tech”nologies in the work processes.


In order to live up to our corporate creed which is specific to a company that makes a difference on Romania’s construction market, Ubitech follows a set of professional and ethical rules that the company applies in its relationship with both clients and other team members.



Ubitech is about trust and respect for both the employees and the clients alike!



Each project is closely monitored, since we have realised that a lasting relationship is the best engine that can propel our business into the future.



Ubitech considers that any accident can be prevented, that working safely is a prerequisite, and that everyone should provide and expect safety anywhere and every day.



Ubitech acknowledges and validates the social, economic and environmental impact of our activities, while stating that it is our responsibility to develop our business according to the high ethics and transparency principles.



Ubitech is aware of how important it is to innovate and embrace a culture of continuous improvement. A key element of our company is the usage of innovative and cutting-edge technologies and processes in the field of constructions.


How we work

The SMART and SUSTAINABLE solutions that we provide rely on an efficient organisation and a dynamic and entrepreneurial management which is implemented by means of successive processes and digital mergers, new technologies and strategic plans that are used in order to contribute to enhancing the good quality of the implemented projects.

In our vision, the AUTOMATION and DIGITALISATION of all processes that are implemented at a high technical level, alongside the BIM methodology, are a priority for our company and the aim is to enhance the efficiency of our communication and the quality of our works.

We apply the BIM (Building Information Modelling) methodology throughout all of our working processes.

Contract negotiation and implementation
Coordination of the specialised inputs
Quality checking
Estimating the executed amounts

We use Mixed

Coordination of the specialised inputs
Quality checking

We use Remote Assist to provide technical assistance remotely via Hololens2

We implement the
Digital Twin model in order to obtain the following:

Surveying with a Phantom 4 RTK, a professional drone
Architectural drawings and As Built models, based on Scanner laser FARO Focus 3D

We approach the environment in which we live with respect and responsibility and for that matter we are developing - as part of our company - working procedures and processes for building the structures of the future while implementing the nZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Buildings) principles.

The Team

Our team was built on a solid foundation in which technology, equipment, the individual skills of every team member, our software, the training sessions have all made their contribution to growing a strong team of professionals in the field of civil engineering and constructions, who are able to cover all roles that are necessary to successfully finish a project.


Architects ● Systems engineers ● HV/LV Electrical Engineers ● Road and platform construction engineers ● Structural engineers ● Electrical engineers ● Project managers ● Site managers ● Technical and quality checkers ● Technical managers in charge of the execution of construction works



Our partners are part of our own team. Every project relies on transparency and open and ongoing communication. Our partnership strategy relies on mutual respect, which is a key pillar of our success.



CEO of New Strategy Center

George Scutaru

New Strategy Center expressed its gratitude for the full support it enjoys in its work from Ubitech Constructions and for its excellent cooperation. The major investments that Romania makes in the military field also mean the involvement of companies in the defense industry and in the field of construction, in large-scale projects that contribute to increasing the security of our country and the Black Sea region.

Administrator of Brenneka Install

Lucian Vultur

“A successful project must be based on a strong and reliable partner, anchored in the development of the construction market, an active player who uses the latest technologies in the completed projects.
Brenneka Install found such a partner in the company Ubitech Construcții.
Current and future projects prove that we are ready for a long-term partnership.”

Head of Building Solutions REHAU Romania

Laurențiu Chiriac

“Since we worked together, the Ubitech company has always shown professionalism, promptness and seriousness. Quality, resistance and reliability are some common criteria found both in Ubitech projects and in REHAU industrial solutions. So, this collaboration started naturally and we hope it will continue for as long as possible.
We highly recommend the Ubitech team!”