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Project management and implementation


Projects must be seen as dynamic systems that are subject to ongoing changes, that evolve permanently, systems that involve inputs from large numbers of specialists, with huge cash injections, various specialities working out together, against very high quality standards.

Our team is formed of engineers, architects and construction project managers who work together to deliver projects on time and according to optimal quality parameters.


Project managers and production engineers understand fully how important it is to communicate efficiently with the client all along the project, while providing customers with the projects means of communication in order to keep the information flow going.

With every new project, we acknowledge evermore that our most important role, as Project Managers, is to “harmonise the functions of planning, communication, monitoring and control in order to meet the overall objectives as defined by the scope, times, cost, quality and client satisfaction.” (Royal Institute of British Architects – RIBA 2000)

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Building on modern and advanced technological solutions, and on the experience and coherence of its team of specialists, irrespective of how complex and diverse projects can be, we at Unitech foster three principles in a well-coordinated manner: thinking ahead, communication and evaluation.

Thinking ahead enables the project team to anticipate the problems that can be solved during the opening phases of the projects and even to avoid these problems altogether.
Setting efficient communication channels will enable the real-time collaboration of the various involved participants, by producing, transmitting and amending the project documents, but also by quickly solving all of the issues that may come up.
Evaluating the results provides a true and fair view of the skills and solutions involved in a certain project. Therefore the evaluation is fundamental in the process of permanent improvement, a process which Ubitech applies constantly.

We work in line with the international BIM standards by digitally transforming the execution of the design & build projects.


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