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Practice 20222 min. de citit

The second-year students from the Faculty of Civil, Industrial, and Agricultural Construction, specializing in Engineering and Construction Management at the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest, began their internship program at our Ubitech Construcții, on June 20, 2022.

This program was specially designed to provide them with an enriching experience regarding the practical activities of a general entrepreneurial construction company and to ignite their interest in the engineering profession.

They came to the office daily and worked side by side with our engineers, discovering the fascinating world of construction and the entire team behind a design & build project.

Maria from HR presented them with the “future graduate’s guide” and engaged in discussions with each of them about employment opportunities in the construction field.

They participated in a training session provided by our partner, Graitec, where they were introduced to Revit and Advance Design software programs. During the internship, the students used WinDocDeviz, Navis, and Revit programs.



The students visited two of our construction sites: a civil construction – an administrative pavilion, G+P+3F, with an area of 3054 sqm – and an industrial construction – a metal hall for vehicle shelter, P, with an area of 1538 sqm.

During these visits, they were presented with the projects, the stage of work execution, the coordination of activities with colleagues from the office, as well as with the client. They also tested the Mixed Reality Technology using Microsoft HoloLens2. They participated in completing commissioning checklists as part of the internal reception process, which precedes the final reception.

The students got acquainted with all the departments in our company’s Technical Office.

In the Contracts Department, they learned about the process of creating a price offer for the client and the collaboration flow between the Cost Estimation, Settlement, Procurement, and Contract Departments.

In the Procurement Department, they prepared requests for offers, verified received offers, and made price comparisons between multiple suppliers. They also learned how to extract all the technical information necessary for execution from the project and how to create/verify quantity lists.

In the Settlement Department, they learned how to complete a concrete pouring log, track rebar traceability based on site documents, and verify acceptance documents upon completion of the works. They understood the content of a work situation, including the verification and approval flow, and learned the format and content of attachments. They were presented with all the details related to preparing minutes for the technical book and the commissioning process based on checklists at the end of the works.

We tried to summarize everything that happened, and before starting the third year, we wish them a summer full of ideas.

The students left and provided testimonials:

This experience helped the students form a clearer understanding of what it means to work in the construction field.

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