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Ubitech Constructions, ready for the challenges of 2024 in the construction sector2 min. de citit

When it comes to how construction companies will fare this year, there is reserved optimism in the industry, given that the pace of growth is expected to slow from last year, according to an article published by eSub Cloud.

The European construction market will see positive developments in some segments. Thus, the civil engineering market will remain resilient due to public investment in critical infrastructure and is expected to grow until 2026.

Non-residential building renovation work is also expected to grow in 2024, with a larger share of new construction volume anticipated from 2025 onwards, according to an article published by Construction Agenda. According to the same source, the residential sector will be affected this year, which is why it will continue to contract and show a modest development in the coming years.

In the UK, the construction industry is expected to show modest growth in 2024, but to be followed by more significant growth in 2025. The housing market, although affected by uncertainty, has prospects of stabilising. Healthcare and education projects will continue to grow and the civil engineering market will also see stable growth, according to Construction News.

In Romania, according to Eurostat data from October 2023, the construction sector recorded one of the highest annual growth rates, with a significant increase of 9.2%, according to the Economedia news portal. This performance placed Romania, at the end of the previous year, in the position of regional leader in terms of construction sector growth, surpassing countries such as Spain and Poland.

However, forecasts for 2024 come with significant challenges for the construction sector in Romania, the BizBrașov publication said. Statistics show a trend of rising prices in all sectors, including construction, and the number of employees in the construction sector is expected to fall. Factors such as rising wages and decreasing profits will influence the business environment, while government decisions and economic fluctuations will have a significant impact on the industry.

With an agile mindset and a success-oriented vision, Ubitech Construction experts are ready to overcome the challenges and uncertainties that lie ahead in 2024, as well as make the most of the opportunities that will emerge during this year.

Ubitech Constructions is investing heavily in advanced technological solutions to improve efficiency and reduce costs, which ensures its competitiveness in the market. But that’s not all. At Ubitech, people come first and benefit from an extensive continuous development program, which makes important contributions in terms of team building and improvement.

Ubitech’s specialists are attentive to changes in the construction market, but also to the needs of customers, so that the projects they develop meet even the most demanding expectations.

Faced with the economic challenges generated by the current context, Ubitech Constructions takes a proactive approach, committing itself to diversifying its project portfolio by integrating a wide range of fields and establishing new strategic partnerships.

In this way, Ubitech Construcții continues to shape the construction landscape in Romania, setting new standards of excellence, even in an economic climate full of uncertainties and challenges.