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Leviatan and Ubitech: More than 50% growth in 2022 and new investments in technology5 min. de citit

The design and construction group consisting of Leviatan Design and Ubitech Construcții has experienced rapid development in its 10 years of activity on the local market. In 2022, the two companies had a portfolio of contracts worth over 800 million lei in progress and a turnover of 150 million lei. Therefore, the group of companies achieved a 50% increase in business compared, to 2021.

The development strategy of Leviatan Design and Ubitech Construcții emphasizes constant investment in the digital transformation process of the companies and the enhancement of team capabilities.



“We have invested in AEC software solutions offered by Autodesk, implemented the BIM standard in the design and execution process, automated workflows, utilized advanced mixed reality and 3D scanning technologies, acquired state-of-the-art equipment, and last but not least, invested in our teams. The investments made in the digital transformation process of Leviatan Design and Ubitech Construcții have contributed to the improved performance of the teams and the quality of the projects. With the help of scanning equipment, we can collect and process large volumes of data in a short time, and through the technological solutions provided by Microsoft HoloLens 2 glasses, we can easily coordinate between field specialists and the office. On the other hand, technological investments have allowed us to address a wide range of operational needs, improve collaborative work between specialties through the use of a common data environment (CDE) in the BIM360 platform, reduce frictions, increase the level of detail in 3D models, and consequently work on multiple projects in parallel with the same team of engineers, designers, and architects,” said Cătălin Podaru, CEO of Ubitech Construcții and Leviatan Design.

Keeping pace with technology

As promoters of construction technologization, Leviatan Design and Ubitech Construcții stay updated on the latest construction industry trends to ensure that each developed project becomes a benchmark of quality. Since their establishment, the two companies have prioritized sustainable development through technology and innovation, making them two of the most technologically advanced companies in the Romanian construction market.



The companies participate in major conferences and exhibitions in the construction industry, and their specialists constantly follow online sources to stay up to date with the latest solutions and technologies in construction.

“Through the Planning and Continuous Improvement Processes Office and the lessons learned working group, we are able to test and operationalize the latest innovations. These include the implementation of virtual reality and mixed reality through HoloLens, the use of topographic drones and 3D scanners. Additionally, we are working on developing a best practices manual for Digital Twin usage. For our group of companies, the automation and digitalization of all processes represent a priority as they contribute to enhanced communication efficiency and improved project execution quality. Automation and process integration, BIM and AEC flows, virtual reality, and new technologies are becoming business as usual within our group of companies,” explained Cătălin Podaru.

The manager confirms that digitization and the use of new technologies have resulted in approximately 35% process improvement. They have elevated the quality level of the developed projects and reduced execution time and frictions between teams. These benefits can be experienced throughout the construction sector, facilitating the transition towards green and resilient buildings.

“In a constantly changing market that brings challenges across the entire spectrum (staff fluctuations, difficulties in material supply, and rising construction material costs, etc.), both in design and execution, an agile mindset is necessary to overcome these challenges and perform,” emphasized the representative of Ubitech Construcții and Leviatan Design.

BIM throughout all project stages: from concept to execution

The digitalization process within Ubitech Construcții and Leviatan Design began approximately four years ago. Cătălin Podaru recalls that initially, the design and execution teams were somewhat hesitant to adopt new technologies and ways of working. However, after four years of digitization and BIM process implementation, they have understood the advantages and can no longer consider a traditional approach in construction projects.



“The effort of digitization should be seen from the perspective of the financial resources allocated to high-performance software acquisition and the resources used to redesign internal processes, together with team members. This effort is long-term and requires perseverance, as well as a vision of the benefits provided by the implemented changes. The challenges for implementing new solutions and technologies are related to professionals’ mindset, lack of applied models, and resistance to change,” added Cătălin Podaru.

The group of companies utilizes the BIM methodology in all project stages, from the proposal phase to meeting client requirements, to design and execution, covering the entire lifespan of the built environment.

During the design and execution process, mixed reality devices are used in conjunction with mixed reality software such as Visual Live and Next BIM. The BIM360 platform is used to manage all project data, processes, documents, roles, and versions. The complete 3D BIM model of the design and execution of a building is extremely valuable in the operational phase as it allows the collection of relevant information for Big Data analysis, facilitating the application of advanced facility management solutions.

“Through the implementation of the BIM methodology, both in the design and execution phases, we have created a collaborative working method that involves all specialties. As a result, we have established integrated workflows that enable our design and execution teams to communicate rapidly, efficiently, and clearly. In other words, BIM has allowed everyone to know in real-time who did what and how within the projects,” explained Cătălin Podaru.

Furthermore, the leadership of Leviatan Design and Ubitech Construcții is exploring the possibility of accessing funds from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) to implement digital technologies. Their commitment to the market is to remain at the forefront of the most innovative and technologically advanced companies in the design and construction industry.

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