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BIM, the methodology that defines excellence in projects carried out by Ubitech Constructions3 min. de citit

Known for its innovative approach to construction projects, Ubitech Constructions has been successfully using the BIM methodology for almost 4 years, during which time it has made significant strides towards digitising and streamlining processes.

"The Leviatan Design and Ubitech Constructions group of companies has over 200 specialists in its team: architects, engineers and project management teams that can deliver from the concept phase to the handover of construction to the client complex projects in the military, NATO standards, medical and education infrastructure. Our projects are deeply technologised on workflows to be able to deliver, at a high quality level, projects in the shortest possible time."
Cătălin Podaru
CEO Leviatan Design and Ubitech Construcții

BIM is not just a methodology, but a digital transformation that involves the use of advanced technologies and the optimization of processes and work standards. One of the major advantages of using BIM in the execution phase is the efficient coordination between the different specialties involved in the project. This ensures that all elements of the project are correctly aligned and integrated, and that the execution team has a complete and accurate digital model of the construction, which speeds up the execution process and ensures a higher quality of the final work.

"The use of the information model in our collaborative BIM 360 work platform has resulted in faster turnaround times for our projects. At the same time, we have seen a reduction of up to 30% in the time required for quality checks, communication with site teams and the generation of related documents, which are now also done in the collaborative work platform, and reports can be generated in real time to be attached to the construction technical book."
Maria Văsi
BIM Implementation Manager

The common data environment provided by BIM allows the visualisation of all drawings, their versions and materials, providing a consistent and up-to-date database for all projects and materials put in place.

"For us, BIM means easier, faster, more accurate. In the execution area, reaction time is very important. Uploading the 3D model into BIM 360 allows real-time access to all project plans and details for all parties involved."
Daniel Alecu
Site Manager

Another major advantage of using the BIM methodology is reflected in the interaction with the project beneficiary. Specifically, BIM facilitates communication with the beneficiary, ensuring a more transparent and interactive process, so that in the end the result is in line with the beneficiary’s expectations.

"The beneficiary, even without a technical background, having the 3D model with all the specialities integrated, understands the project, has an overview of it and can provide real-time feedback at an early stage."
Romina Posea
Head of Planning and Continuous Improvement Office

With a clear vision and a proven ability to adapt to technological change, Ubitech Constructions is ready to consolidate its role as a promoter of the digitization of construction in Romania, constantly focused on providing innovative solutions that meet the increasingly complex requirements of this industry.

New technologies in the construction sector have been adopted and implemented in Leviatan Design and Ubitech Construcții with the support of Graitec Romania, Autodesk Platinum Partner and international developer of design software solutions.