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Internship 20222 min. de citit

This year, 5 students from the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest – UTCB graduated from the internship program, carried out between August 8, 2022, and October 7, 2022, at Ubitech Construcții and Leviatan Design.

Thus, Andreea-Gabriela Ion, Elisa Mariana Lisenchi, Gabriela-Giulia Mocanu, Constantin Teodor Cojocaru, and Cristian Chirițoiu had the opportunity to gain practical experience in the construction field, under the guidance of specialists from the two companies.

“I consider the internship program as an extension of the university. Students come with a lot of knowledge, but they are a bit unconfident. They do not know or perhaps they do not realize how many opportunities the construction field has. They might come just with the idea of designing and realize that design means much more than just making some calculations and submitting some drawings. Even in this design process, we tried to introduce them in the early stages, and later in the development of the written part and collaboration with other specialties, just to give students confidence,” said Maria Văsi, Head of Structural Engineering Office & BIM Implementation Manager.

After completing the internship, Andreea, Elisa, Giulia, Teo, and Cristi were curious to learn more from Ubitech Construcții and Leviatan Design specialists and thus followed a paid internship program within these companies.

During the Internship, the 5 students familiarized themselves with our innovative working methods and had the opportunity to use modern technologies, used in the development of sustainable projects.

By actively supporting the academic environment, Leviatan Design and Ubitech Construcții offer future engineers the chance to find out what are the advantages of jobs in the construction field, in the context of digitalizing construction sites.

We continue to support the efforts of the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest – UTCB, by creating a new Constructive podcast, to highlight the perspectives that students have when they go through Internship stages, as well as the opportunities they have after graduation.