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Drones, robots and 3D printing top construction trends in 20242 min. de citit

In 2024, construction companies will focus on sustainability to meet market demands and environmental regulations aimed at achieving climate neutrality by 2050, as well as digitisation and automation to increase team productivity and optimise costs and improve project quality, according to an article published by Deloitte.

Companies in the sector have therefore set out this year to integrate more environmentally friendly materials into the projects they develop to achieve sustainable construction. At the same time, to overcome the challenges of labour shortages and economic uncertainties, companies are optimising their resources and reducing the cost and time to complete projects by integrating BIM methodology and advanced technologies such as 3D printing, drones and robots, according to an article published by Epicflow.

Next-generation technologies will revolutionise the construction industry, improving efficiency, quality and safety on site, reducing waste. In the near future, artificial intelligence could redefine construction skills. The industry will also look to collaborate with sectors such as IT and robotics to share knowledge and innovative practices, according to analysis by Autodesk.

The adoption of artificial intelligence in construction promises significant transformations. It brings multiple benefits to design, enabling the creation of complex and innovative architectural designs, while predictive analytics can forecast market trends, helping companies adapt quickly to change. At the same time, by automating repetitive tasks, artificial intelligence allows industry specialists to focus on high-value-added activities, boosting productivity and innovation in the industry, according to Deloitte.

The use of drones in construction is also trending this year, according to PlanRadar, as they can quickly and easily inspect construction sites, providing accurate data that can be used to plan and manage the project. Drones can perform quick and accurate mapping, inspect hard-to-reach areas, create 3D models of construction sites and identify potential problems.

Leviatan Group, made up of the companies Leviatan Design, Ubitech Constructions and eConfaire Immersive Design, employs 300 dedicated specialists who are constantly monitoring trends in the construction industry in order to continually optimise work processes and to offer solutions that are adapted to the times in the projects they develop.

The Leviatan Group’s specialists work to improve the way they work based on customised solutions developed by eConfaire, a software and hardware product research and development company with solid experience in the fields of engineering, construction and more.

Leviatan Group’s commitment to innovation and excellence is evidenced by active participation in over 20 industry events in the past year, including Autodesk University, BIG 5 Global and INTERGEO.

In every project signed by Leviatan, Ubitech and eConfaire, there is a passion for excellence, which places the three companies at the forefront of their fields.